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 SECTION 25 MILLTOWN     view map

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agnew margaret and james 1946, aughey elizabeth and john 1886, barney sarah and richard 1956 barr mary william boyle 1909, barr sarah and alice 1928, beattie joseph and bridget 1927, bradley charles james william mark peter sarah, branagh john and sephine 1931, burgoyne arthur john and ellen knot, burns lili 2001 burns mary jane patrick ad james 1883 burns william and ellen 1960, burns william james and madge 1886, byrne agnes and james 1981, cahill camilla cahill thomas thomas murray and alice quinn, campbell joseph and alice 1917, christie kevin(baby) 1982, clingan william 1991 colgan joseph and mary louise 1931, collins fanny and james 1887, connor elizabeth and francis 1885, conway john jane and michael 1883, corr lizzie james and anne, cosgrave mary magee martha and james 1876, cotter hannah and james 1878, crean james and michael 1874 cregon annie mooney 1929, cullen thomas and annabell 1962 cunningham francis and mary 1891 1941, cunningham james irish foresters 1898, davis francis the belfast man 1885, derby john and owen 1885, devlin charles and elizabeth 1902, doherty john 1900, doherty josephine and billy 1997, donnelly alice daniel and james 1954, donnelly james samuel and minnie and elizabeth 1929, donnelly william and mary ann 1924 doyle william and elizabeth 1914, dunphy jb and rose ann brown 1888, egan william john and mary 1890, ennis james and alice 1838 1917, fitzpatrick john mary rose mary jane 1877, fitzsimons patrick ad ellen 1890 flavelle collins teresa and gerordie, fogarty john 1894, ford john and alice 1888, fox hugh and jane, fraser francis and mary 1884, gilmore dermot and gertrude 1978, glasgow james and sarah grant bernard and mary jane 1933 grant catherine and joseph 1929 griffen bernadette and john 2006, gunning bridie and mary catherine 1917, gunning bridie mary catherine and seamus 1917, halpin matthew joseph and sarah 1979, hamilton mary and joseph alexander 1886 hart edward burial ground, hart hugh kearns patrick 1938, henderson john joseph and francis 1927, hoctor mcabe peter 1967, hoctor, hughes kathleen 2009, hughes peter r 1886, img_2271 img_2308 img_2327 imhaverty family 1900 1928, john maggie annie randal joseph 1878, jones mary and edward 1887, kearney ad mary o'neill 1922, kearney family and mary 0'neill 1922, kearney mary and thomas 1900, keating hugh new york, keegan johanna and john 1909, kelly susan 1878, kennedy patrick and john 1898 kerr james burial ground, king george thomas and maria 1877, kinney patrick 1885, lacy james and elizabeth, lappin henry and mary, laverty larry and brigid 1991, logan rita nee russell 1987, lytton matthew and jane 1886, macnamara john mcdevitt daniel and mary 1908, magee james and maggie ann 1900 maginn gerald martin 1991, manus mcpake elizabeth susan 1883, mary ann and james, mary joseph and agnes hamilton 1886 masterson patrick and brigid 1918, mcacorey william,

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Completed Sections