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Section 45

  • Cemetery: Milltown
  • Listed: June 14, 2012 2:16 pm
Section 45
adamson michael 1975,allen margaret henry margaret 1976,altimas elizabeth,armstrong paul and james 1974,atkinson sarah ann and marie sharkey 1975,austin margaret and mary 1985,bannon kathleen and john,beringer sophie joan and mimi 1975,berry andy and bridget 1977,best paul 1976,bowman mabel 1978,mccallan rose and peter 1976bracken teresa and william 1977bradin james and mary 1976bradley francis hugh and bessie 1975bradley james and elizabeth 1977brady frederick and margaret 1974brady kathleen 1978brennan john bernard 1975,brennan mary theresa and bobby 1975,gilroy denise 2001,broderick frank and sylvia 2004brown margaret and samuel 1974,burns harry 2001,burns james and bridget 1975,burns james and sadie 1976,cushnahan margaret and charles 1976burns john 1974burns kathleen and james 1976,campbell augustine and jane 1976byrne bobby and annoe 1985,martin helene 1975campbell anne theresa burns rosina and joseph 1984campbell elizabeth and james 1978campbell james 1986, corr eugene and alice 1978campbell philip and elizabeth 1975campbell samuel and collette 1976,cassidy catherine and kathleen 1974,cassidy harry and elizabeth 1976,cavanagh samuel and mary 1975,clarke breda 1994,denvir mary and joanne 2003clarke edward and jim 1977clarke john and vera 1975,coleman rose ann and bridget kelly 1974collins edward and julia 1988collins john june 1986conway colette 1978coogan archibauld 1974cooke bobby and peggy 1974cooke frances and patrick 1974cooper margaret 1976copeland eva and william,corbett david 1975,corey james 1975corey mary and james 1976,corr patrick 1974craig ellen raymaond and phyllis dynes 1977creaney rose 1974cunningham joseph and bridget 1975curran edward and mary 1976curran james 1976curran john and marie 1977darragh mary and alphonsus 1976davey phyllis and henry 1977,davidson joe and patricia 1974,devine thomas and rose 1975,devine thomas and theresa 1976dickson margaret and kathleen 1979,dickson william austin eileen 1978ditonno maureen 1976dobbin william and kathleen 1977,doherty annie and dandoherty rose 1987doherty turley 1981donald george 1978donnelly bernard and theresa 1978donnelly daniel and ellen 1976donnelly john and patricia 1978donnelly margaret and arthur 1978,nolan rosealeen 1978dowling john 1977,connolly edward harry and mary 1977drummond gerald and josephine 1974,duffin kathleen and james 1977,duffy thomas and susannah 1975,cole mary and james 1975duffy thomas henry and susannah 1975,cole mary and james 1975emmett robert annie sean 1988farrell john and ellen 1977,farrelly eamonn and maggie 1975fisher eileen and george 1976flynn john and annie 1975, liddy daniel 2003flynn patti and alan mccarthy 1975fogarty jim 1975gallagher alice 1978gallagher terry and angela 1977,gamble margaret and maria 1976,geary philomena josephine 1977gibney kathleen and james 1987gilmore mary 1974,girvin mary ann james and joseph 1976graham catherine and john,1975 logan annie and hugh 1976griffith john and bernard 1977guy baby patrick,faulkner roseanne 1995hackett peter and molly 1985haddock edith and thomas 2004,davidson william 2007hale rhona 1980, jim 1977hamill eileen and john 1974hamill ellen and john 1974hamill peter 1975,hamilton william and etta 1976,braniff ellen and james 1976hartley thomas john and hilda 1978harvey margaret 1978hasty james 1974hawkins sarah and kitty donaghy 1976hawkins teresa peter and catherine 1975henry (victor) and carherine 1976hickland henry and mary theresa 1995higgins stevie 1973 davidson mary and joe 1974hillman michael 1974,hughes conan and rose 1974,hughes james john charlotte 1976hunter mark and winnie 1977hamilton joseph and isabel 1975lawlor patrick and mary 1978,cosgrove hugh and mary ann 1979white elishirvine john and teresa 1977,irvine samuel and maureen 1974,jamison john and molly 1978 fitzpatrick terence ailish patrick and patricia 1988johnston patrick and catherine 1975kane arthur 1977kane daniel and kathleen 1976,cooper margaret 1976kearney elizabeth and brian 1975,kelly catherine and robert 1986,lavery eileen 1976kelly john and theresa 1977kennedy baby 1976larkin patrick elizabeth and grainne 1974lavery dorothy 1977liddy mary and hugh 1974,logan monica and william 1977logue elizabeth lily and james 1979logue michael gerald and paul 1978lundy patrick and susan 1975lynn mark and elizabeth 1977,macklin william alice and geraldine 1974,magennis john and mary 1976,maguire joanne john andrew 1976maguire susan and thomas 1975mallon thomas and mary 1975maxwell catherine 1976maxwell john patrick and fiona 1976may richard and mary 1976,macarthy maureen una and kathleen 1975mcalea mary and annie 1976mcaleese patrick and john kane 1977mcallister gerard 1977mcallister john 1975mcardle (may) 1976,campbell patrick and james 1976mcateer hugh and william 1974mccabe francis and mary 1974,mcdonald alice john and daniel 1999mccann bobby annie and michael 1975,mccauley harry and sarah 1978mccauley tommy jim and catherine 1975mcclintock robert and mary 1976mccloskey mary and thomas 1976,gillespie robert and elizabeth 1976,mccloskey robert and james 1977mcconnell christopher and elizabeth 1975mccullagh seamus 1974mccusker mary 1978mcdaid edward and winnie 1977,mcdaid james 1973mcdermott mary,brownlee william and ellen 1976,mcdonagh jane and john 1975,mcdonald frank and agnes 1977,shields paddy and kathleen 1977mcdonald thomas and sarah 1974,mcdonnell eamon 1977mcdonnell eamon dec 1977mcdonnell patrick and ellen 1976,mceldowney patrick and mona 1975mcfadden frank and mary 1976mcgivern john and elizabeth 1976mcgivern joseph 1976,white 1976mcglade john and margaret 1976,mcglade joseph and susan 1984mcglaughlin mary and michael 1974mcglone sean 1977,mcgrath charles and patrick pearse 1998,dargan christina richard doyle 1977mcguigan mary,mcguigan patrick and bridge 1976,mcguigan rose ann 1978mcguinness danny and mary 1977,mckane mary 1976 burns brendan 1976mckay john fallon john 1988 flannigan margaret and michael 1976mckenna francis margaret and stephen 1978mckeown hugh and eileen 1975mckinney mary brendan mary mccann 1977mcmullan john and maria 1976,mcmullan patricia and jane 1975,mcnally margaret and thomas 1976,mcnama joseph and mauteen 1979Section 45 - Image 192mcnulty james and mary 1975 largey james 1974mcshane patrick and maureen 1974mcstravick daniel and mary 1977,logan monica and william 1977mcstravick daniel and mary jane 1977mcullogh edward and elizabeth 1978mcveigh owen 1975michael and annie dec 1978monaghan martha and thomas 1976,turk margaret and catherine duffy 1976moore annie and winifred hines 1974,moore brian and elizabeth 1985,moylan james and jane 1978mulvenna jim,todd ellen 1974murphy henry 1978murray mary and james 1979nolan rosealeen and ann 1978nugent james 1976o;neill james and oliver 1977,boyd john and bridget 1977o\'brien seamus 1976o\'connor patrick and mary 1975o\'kane thomas and jane 1975o\'neill catherine and gerard 1976,oneill edward 1976oneill eugene and sarah 1974o\'neill mary anne and hugh patrick 1977o\'neill michael and mary 1977,o\'neill robert and mary 1985,o\'reilly james 1975,savage james and maria josephine 1975o\'reilly james 1975,savage james and maria josephine 1975o\'reilly mary and charles 1994o\'reilly nora and francis 1976peake james and anne 1975peter and josephine 1974prenter john 1974,quinn david joseph and evelyn 1976,brady james sarah and maureen 1976rafferty arthur and elizabeth 1974ramsey john 1996ramsey samuel and susannah 1977,reid james and kathleen 1976,robinson jane ellen o\'drain 1981robinson vincent 1981,toner patrick 1977rooney thomas and bridget 1976roy bertie and clara 1980,ryan thomas and mary 1978saunders,scallan william and mary 1974section 45shannon sadie and james 1977shelvin john 1977,shields gertrudeshiels elizabeth and patrick 1974,skillen paul 1977,sloan charles and margaret 1977,holland teresa and tommy 1977smith mary,mcilwaine elish and rose ann martin 1977smyth annie and patrick 1976,smyth john and mary 1982smyth mary and michael 1978stratton mary and john 1978tabb amelia and patrick 1976taylor william and elizabeth 1974 mcanoy john 1975teer walter and margaret 1977templeton jim and mary duffy 1975toal margaret 1975tobin mary 1974,tolan margaret and bernard 1976,toner gerald and mary 1975trainor john and rita 1976,travers bobby john and rose 1988travers rosealeen and patrick 2001walsh kitty 1977,mccarthy kevin 1984,walsh liam conor gary and denise 1974ward joseph and sarah 1974,weir jane and william 1976weir joseph and ellen 1976whyte elizabeth and colm 1977,wilson alexander and mary 1975,woods james and martina 1974,woods margaret 1978wylie james and bridget 1976burns frederick and mary 1975,devlin james and jean 1974graham michael and ellen 1975kennedy catherine and charles 1976,mcgogan margaret and bobby 1976,mcgrann henry and mark 1976,shallow geraldine and francis 1980,mcgarry james 1980


The grave you are looking for can be found in section 45

Listing Reference ID: 6444fd9f1eb0ef29


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